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marble floor polishing service new braunfels tx

Texas Tile and Stone Care provides marble floor cleaning and polishing services to residential and commercial properties. Professional marble restoration is more than buying a marble polishing pad and slapping it on a buffer. Grinding, honing, filling, polishing, sealing, and maintaining are all possible steps included in our marble floor cleaning & polishing service in New Braunfels and San Marcos, TX. 

Which marble polishing company should I choose?

The company you choose should be well educated in marble polishing and marble care. A stone made mostly of calcium carbonate that will take a polish can be called Marble. Marble is a metamorphic stone. It is made when limestone is exposed to immense heat and pressure during metamorphism. Interlocking calcite crystals form the rock mass known as Marble, which is then made into tile or slabs. Marble floors are very sensitive. Marble polishing and restoration is possible because marble tile reacts to certain chemicals in ways unique to the marble floor’s composition. To properly clean marble tiles and showers we must first determine the problems leading to it’s undesirable appearance, the severity of damage, and the desired look when finished. Our marble cleaning and polishing service brings beauty back to your marble floors and showers. There are many techniques used by professional marble restoration companies to restore a marble floor, depending on the needs of the floor and the wants of the homeowner. Texas Tile and Stone Care will provide a marble restoration plan specifically for your marble floor or shower. We will always provide the best customer service during and after service is complete. Call us today and set up your free estimate and marble restoration plan. Regardless of your marble floor’s condition, we most likely can restore it completely. Thank you for choosing Texas Tile and Stone Care for your marble floor and shower restoration needs.

Marble Floor Polishing & Cleaning in New Braunfels and San Marcos, TX

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