Some natural stone floors are very old. There is no greater passion for us than to restore natural stone floors. We always do our very best to bring your floor back to its former glory. You will not find a company more set on quality than Texas Tile and Stone Care. Thanks for looking New Braunfels.

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We have an unwavering philosophy of caring for natural stone.

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After we clean or before we polish your stone floor we will seal it with natural stone sealer to prevent future damage and stains. Sealing natural stone is a step that cannot be skipped or overlooked. We use a variety of sealers for natural stone floors depending on the look you want. Natural stone sealers range from no shine to very high gloss. We will build your natural stone restoration plan according to your wants and needs! We guarantee your satisfaction 100%.

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We are dedicated to our great city of New Braunfels and providing our neighbors with quality Natural Stone floor cleaning & Restoration. We have had almost a decade of natural stone floor cleaning experience. We are equally passionate about informing our customers on proper natural stone maintenance to ensure it stays beautiful for years to come. It is important to use only the correct stone polishing compounds and floor cleaning techniques or risk damage to the floor. Texas Tile and Stone Care is certified in natural stone cleaning and floor care for your peace of mind. We will always give an accurate estimate and natural stone restoration plan unique to your stone floor. Thanks for choosing the best in New Braunfels.

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