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​Grout Color Sealing​

How does grout color sealing cost me less?

Grout Color Sealing in New Braunfels & San Marcos, TX

How do I keep my grout clean? The million dollar question that we have answered. When it comes to tile & grout maintenance, grout color sealing is the best investment a homeowner can make. We are more than happy to clean and seal your grout every other year. But, why not choose a service that only needs done once? Let us explain. Let me first say that grout color sealer is not a paint. Grout color sealer is not only for those wanting a different grout color. Most importantly, grout color sealing seals your grout permanently, which saves on the cost of yearly floor cleaning services. Spills and dirt wipe right up. If you like the color of your clean grout, great. We will match it. Our grout color sealer is of the acrylic variety. We manually apply the grout color sealer (grout stain sealer) to your grout after we prepare the floor properly. It is important that the grout be free of any dirt, grease, or minerals. The color sealer permanently roots itself in the grout's tiny pores and levels on the grout surface leaving it bright, stain-proof, and colored to your selection. 

Texas Tile and Stone Care works hard to keep our prices low and our quality at it's highest. The bottom line is when it comes to cost and spending your hard earned money wisely, grout color sealing is the way to go. Our grout color sealing service costs just a few cents more per square foot than your average tile and grout cleaning service. Grout color sealing readies tile & grout floors to be cleaned by the homeowner, instead of a professional floor cleaning service. That's it. Just one service and your grout will be stain-proof and colored to your liking. Give us a call, New Braunfels, and start saving that hard earned money today. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Grout Color Sealing

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